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Check out what the critics are saying about Resolve… Show removes the language barrier…  Changing Perceptions

Experience communication without language.

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Resolve at BATS 21 Sept - 2 OctNow, don’t be fooled. Although some of the scenes on stage may look like your everyday experiences, they will not be presented as you expect. Instead of letting you sit and watch the play go by, we’re going to give you the tools you need to feel it.

Local Wellingtonian group, STRIKE, have kindly leant their frontman, Murray Hickman, to teach the actors some tricks of their trade, like creating fire bursts with butane torches! Added to the mix will be the fresh ideas of renowned sound designer Thomas Press – let’s just say you’ll be given ear plugs for a reason!

With a combined cast of 3 Deaf and 3 hearing actors (some of whom don’t use New Zealand Sign Language); it is not only the crew who will be pushing boundaries. They’ve all had tons of fun so far, but rehearsals have not been without their challenges… If you couldn’t sign or speak to someone how would you communicate with them?

And in that lies the crux of the show! Our 6 actors and their brilliant crew are going to show you, with your participation of course, how you can still express yourself, when your usual tools of conversation have been taken away.



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