Odd Socks Productions builds the bridge between Deaf and hearing communities in New Zealand, to benefit the Deaf community to be able to access, participate and enjoy the arts.

Odd Socks also provides advice, education and training to the arts sector about Deaf culture and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

Nicola & Darryl

Company history

Odd Socks Productions was founded by Nicola Clements, Darryl Alexander, Suzi Holland and Jack O’Donnell in 2008. Since 2010 the company evolved with Nicola Clements heading up the creative direction, and a production team including Anna Drakeford (Production Manager) and Meg Melvin (Funding & business manager).

Since 2012 Odd Socks has been the lead provider for NZSL interpreted theatre performances in Auckland and Wellington, and has worked with theatre companies in Tauranga, New Plymouth and Christchurch.

In May 2016, Nicola headed overseas to further her own professional development so Odd Socks is now managed by Saran Goldie-Anderson (Creative Director) and Stew Sexton (Financial Director).

Odd Socks will announce later in 2016 the appointment of a third director who will be a Deaf community member.

So what does Odd Socks Productions actually do?

Odd Socks Productions provides the following services:

  1. Theatre consultants for Deaf accessible & NZSL interpreted performance;
  2. Advice to the arts sector in New Zealand on bridging the communication barriers that are experienced by Deaf in engaging with the arts as practitioners, and as audience members; and
  3. Education and awareness of Deaf culture and community in New Zealand and how they can access the arts both as practitioners and audience members.

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